Jewish Heritage Expeditions


Different destinations, each with its own stories

Jewish Heritage Expeditions are designed to integrate Jewish history, culture, local society, and the discovery of the beauty and spirit of the destination. We design expeditions to include a balanced mix of touring, hands-on experiences and interactive cultural events. Using this dynamic approach, participants feel free to participate in all of the lively discussions and activities.

All of our expeditions are accompanied full-time by an expert historian or scholar. The expedition educator remains with the group throughout the tour. Even before departure you can start studying with our preparatory educational program!

With the balance between learning and leisure, there is sufficient free time for shopping or social activities. Each tour is tailored to the individual needs of each group. Both accommodations and restaurants are tried and tested, generally family operated, conveniently situated and selected to offer the best in typical regional kosher cuisine, atmosphere and comfort.

Look at our current available Expeditions and register or let us create the dream tour for your group or family to the destination of your choice and fine-tuned  to meet your interests. Call or mail us. Within the US call 917 6 7777 45 or mail at Join one of our tours and receive an experience of a lifetime!

The Netherlands - May 14 - 20, 2018

July 16 - 22, 2018 

'Mokum & the Medinah'

Mokum is the Dutch-Yiddish word for “safe haven,” derived from the Hebrew word makom מקום (place). Jews all over the world dubbed Amsterdam Mokum because Jews were relatively safe and free in the Netherlands, unlike in other places in Europe.

During this unique tour we explore Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Encounter the strikingly rich history of this small brave kingdom that opened its gates to the Jews and enabled them to grow into an impressive, affluent community. During the tour there are special opportunities to make connections and meet with the community that still remains.


October 23 - 29, 2018

'Maranos & Inquisition'

Welcome to Spain and join us as we explore this country with a very rich Jewish history. The tour includes famous sites as well as sites “off the beaten track”. Through visits to various sites that include old synagogues, learn about the period before the expulsion of 1492 and meet modern Jewish life in Spain.

The rich Jewish heritage in Spain is explored and studied during the tour. This tour exposes the participant to the most important centers of Judaism of the 14th and 15th century: Toledo, Cordoba and Seville. Throughout the tour we also enjoy the beautiful Spanish culture and visit some of the primary sites that attract tourists from all over the world. Includes Shabbat in Gibraltar!

French Provence 

June 18 - 24, 2018

'The Arba Kehillot'

For centuries the Vaucluse region had been a relatively safe haven for Jews. Under the protection of the Avignon Popes the Jewish community flourished. Jews were permitted to live in Avignon, Carpentras, Cavaillon, and L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, known as the Arba Kehilot; the four holy communities.

This expedition, visits the Arba Kehilot and other famous villages in the area.  While studying Jewish life in these locales the tour also concentrates on learning about Jewish and non- Jewish Provencal art, literature and poetry as well as the enjoyment of Provencal life surrounded by the beautiful natural environment. We will stimulate your senses with top gourmet dining and vining.


Aug. 27 - Sept. 5, 2018

The Habsburg Empire; Budapest, Vienna, Prague

During this expedition we learn about the chasm that existed between Jewish and Christian culture in early modern times and also learn about the bridging and transformation of this chasm during the process known as modernization. Budapest, Prague and Vienna were all important cities in the Habsburg Empire. Through the exploration of the Jewish and local culture of these cities we learn the history of the Habsburg Jews.

Slovakia - Photography

Jewish Slovakia 

This expedition offers you in depth insight in the Jewish culture and history of Slovakia and gives you the opportunity to improve your photographic skills under the guidance of a professional photographer and teacher. From Bratislava, by many known under its old name 'Pressburg', we follow the 'Slovak Jewish Heritage Route', 24 Jewish sites around Slovakia, including synagogues, museums, architecture and cemeteries. Includes a visit to Vienna.


2500 years of Moroccan Jewish life

This fascinating adventure takes you from the exotic charms of the wild Atlas Mountains, to the great Imperial cities with their kasbahs and 2500 year old communities with Jewish Quarters. If you wish to discover the great Jewish culture and take a sneak peek back into time, then this join this expedition and come and explore Moroccan Jewish life and experience the rich Jewish and Arab cultures and cuisine.

Slovakia - Musical Stories

Jewish Slovakia 

In this expedition, we explore the vanished Jewish heritage of Slovakia accompanied by two musicians, who enrich the local stories with klezmer, nigunim and other music. Through continuing musical storytelling we travel from Bratislava, by many known under its old name 'Pressburg', we follow the 'Slovak Jewish Heritage Route', 24 Jewish sites around Slovakia. This tour is perfect for multi-generation families.  Includes a visit to Vienna.

Custom Community and Family Tours

We work closely with communities, families, schools, student organizations, temples and synagogues of all sizes and denominations to customize rewarding educational programs on Jewish cultural heritage in Europe. Each tour is tailored to meet specific goals and priorities making the expedition one of a kind with exciting activity modules. This personalized program is achieved through an ongoing dialogue with each of our clients to ensure that all of their needs are met. Contact us if you are interested in a custom- made tour.

Kosher Food

We take pride in ensuring that our travelers experience top local cuisine while maintaining stringent observance of Kashrut laws throughout the tour. All food is prepared under the strict supervision of trained supervisors. Every effort is made to assure that our travelers experience local kosher cuisine.

Study Program

During the expedition emphasis is put on learning and understanding the local Jewish community’s heritage. Our Expedition guides are all academic professionals with expertise on the sites of visitation. During the bus trips local traditional music or short documentaries are often played. The expedition guide provides supplemental hand out background articles, maps and other information. For those interested, short learning sessions where classical texts of local historical figures are studied can be arranged. If there are children or youngsters among the participants we offer special educational programs and activities for youth.

Preparatory Educational Program

Each of our tours includes a Preparatory Educational Program. We provide maps, a reading list and other materials and can organize additional sessions for tour participants and other community members who might be interested. The cost for the Preparatory Educational Program is included in the cost of the tour.

It is also possible to arrange a visit to your community and present workshops, lectures and documentaries to prepare you for your heritage tour.

The educational program of every group or family tour is tailored to the specific profile and interests of the specific group. The educational program and activities are emphasized according to the wishes of the group.