Jewish Heritage Expeditions


Jewish Italy

A visit to Padua

The City Without Jews (''Die Stadt ohne Juden'') a prophetic vision of the near future: growing anti-Semitism in the interbellum (1918 - 1939)

A fascinating film from 1924 which offers an insight in to the growing anti-Semitism that existed during this period and was a frighteningly accurate vision of the approaching disaster of the Holocaust.

Jewish folklore and mysticism in seventeenth century Prague

The story of the Golem of Prague is well known and belongs to classical Jewish folklore. Today, we will learn about this story in a very original way and gain new insights about the Golem as cultural narrative.

Coffee, coffee

Its funny how times change. Some years ago people would drink coffee, not talk about it. Today, everybody is talking about coffee and the best barista’s. On our expeditions in Europe we will take you to some of the best cafes.