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Coffee, coffee

Take for example Prague. While it was nearly impossible to get filter coffee in Prague a few years ago, today it’s an item that goes without saying. Acidity in coffee has become an accepted characteristic and the variety of styles offered in Prague is quite overwhelming. What is nice about third-wave coffee in Prague is the lack of attitude and pretentiousness. The community around specialty coffee is inclusive and wants to make friends, with very little foes and enemies within it. The baristas in general don’t have attitude and don’t ridicule the customers for lack of knowledge, instead explaining and helping them navigate Prague’s coffee culture. Only one nation in the world averages more than two cups of coffee per person per day: the Netherlands. According to a survey published in 2014 , the Dutch consume more than the US, UK, Spain and France combined! Dutch coffee must be good then, right? Not if you asked the caffeine-seeking expats and self-proclaimed coffee snobs around… until recently, that is. Previously known for quantity over quality, these days Amsterdam has well and truly arrived in the ‘third wave’ coffee era and we are now treated to some fantastic specialty coffee. The local scene now boasts an expanding list of excellent cafés and roasteries. Amsterdam's scene is relatively new when compared to strongholds of the specialty coffee movement like Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Canada and the U.S If you like, we invite you on a coffee tour during one of our expeditions.