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Custom Community and Family Tours

We work closely with communities, families, youth groups, student organizations and synagogues and temples of all sizes and denominations to customize rewarding educational programs on Jewish cultural heritage in Europe. Each group's specific goals and priorities are translated into a tailor-made expedition with exciting activity modules. This personalized program is achieved through an ongoing open dialogue with each of our clients to ensure that all of their needs are consistently met.

Our Expeditions are designed to integrate Jewish history and culture, local society, and the discovery of the beauty and spirit of the country. We design expeditions to include a great mix of touring, hands-on experiences and interactive cultural events. Using this dynamic approach, participants feel free to participate in all of the lively discussions and activities.

Groups are generally limited to 15 to 25 persons for small groups and 25 - 40 for large groups. In addition to the group guide, who is with the group from beginning to end, the group may be also accompanied full-time by an expert historian or rabbi. Each site visit is additionally conducted by a licensed tour guide and native of that particular community. Both accommodations and restaurants are tried and tested, generally family operated, conveniently situated and selected to offer the best in typical regional cuisine, atmosphere and comfort. Take a look at our current offerings and let us create the dream expedition for your group or family, to the destination of your choice and with an emphasis on your interests. Contact us to discuss the right balance between learning and leisure for your group.

Ten Steps to the perfect customized Jewish Heritage Expedition

1) Orientation

Please look at the different expeditions we offer on our website. You will not only find detailed itineraries, but a wealth of background information, interesting subjects and stories. Keep in mind that our offerings are not limited to the destinations and themes which are available on the website. We build custom expeditions to many more areas in Europe and can design a tour to meet the desires and themes of a given group. . We are sure that the information on the website will inspire you to organize your own community expedition.

2) Start the Dialogue

The perfect expedition is built together! We would like to know as much as possible about the character of your group and the participants. In order to make this possible we engage in a dialogue, where both you and Jewish Heritage Expeditions are involved throughout the expedition design process. The first step is to fill in and send us the Community Expedition form. We will contact you shortly afterwards.

3) Draft Expedition Itinerary

Based on the information you provided and additional personal conversations, we will send you a first proposal with a detailed itinerary, description of the study program and practical details and payment guidelines. The itinerary is based on the information and goals that you have provided us with in the 'Community Expedition form'. The Draft Expedition Itinerary includes an overall price estimate.

4) Review and feedback

After careful review of the Draft Expedition Itinerary, your feedback is welcomed. Now we can fine tune the itinerary based on your ideas and wishes. You can also provide us with the logo of your community or organization and a short introduction, written by the chair of your community, the rabbi or your educational and cultural program director. If you are satisfied up to this point, we are ready for the next step.

5) Expedition brochure

Step number 5 provides you with a tailor made PDF brochure with the detailed itinerary, description of the study program and background information. The brochure also contains many interesting stories about the various places of destination. The brochure is branded with the name and logo of your community or organization and contains the introduction that you provided. Price and payment details are included.

6) Distribution and promotion of the Expedition

You arrange the promotion of the Expedition within your community or organization. You can write about the upcoming Expedition in your magazine or e-mail newsletter, distribute the (digital) brochure and highlight it on your website. It is also advisable to organize an event about the expedition, its subject and destination. This is not only a promotion for the expedition, but an interesting cultural and educational event, where people can learn, discuss and engage. We will send you all of the pertinent materials including documents, movies and suggestions for activities. On request, we even send one of our educational consultants to your community to give a lecture or lead a workshop.

7) Registration

Your members register for the Expedition through our online registration system. They pay a deposit and we will confirm the booking. During the registration period you get access to our system in order to monitor the registration.

8) Start of the Preparatory Educational Program

Once there are the required minimal number of participants, we are ready to start the Preparatory Educational Program. We provide you with a study plan, documents, movies and a bibliography. You can plan and promote the study sessions and decide if the sessions are only open to registered Expedition participants or to every member of the community. We send one of our educational consultants to your community to give lectures and workshops on a date of your choice.

9) During the Expedition

During the Expedition, we involve the whole community by providing everyone with our Expedition Magazine. The Expedition Magazine is published during the expedition and contains pictures, background information and interesting articles about the expedition. The Expedition Magazine is published during the expedition and contains short writings and pictures contributed by the participants! You can send the Expedition Magazine to those who were unable to join this expedition and enable them to feel a part of the adventure!

10) Evaluation

We are always looking to improve our expeditions and services. We find that your feedback is important for us to evaluate and make our programs even better. We hope to continue working with you.

Fill in the below Custom Expedition Form and start building an unforgettable expedition for your community or family!

Custom Expedition Form