Jewish Heritage Expeditions



Important information

There may be changes to the order of the itinerary, but we make every effort to visit every place mentioned in the itinerary.

The tour organizers have no control over airline services such as seating, special meal requests, changes in departure times or delays. These remain the sole responsibility of the airline company.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel and cancellation insurance.

Kashrut and cuisine

This is an integral part of the Jewish travel experience. We take pride in ensuring that our travelers experience top local foods while maintaining stringent observance of Kashrut laws throughout the tour. We work with the local Rabbinate to provide Hashgacha for all local ingredients and fresh meat and poultry. However, we do not guarantee Pat Israel and Chalav Israel. All food is prepared under the strict supervision of our trained staff/guides that function as our Mashgichim (Mashgiach Tmidi). Our travelers enjoy satisfying top standard meals prepared by our team and local chefs, including fresh local fish, fruit and vegetables. This is an integral part of the Jewish travel experience. We make great efforts to assure that our travelers experience top level local cuisine Sabbath and Synagogue services.

The program on “Shabbat” is appropriate for participants with any level of Sabbath observance. Participants who fully observe the Sabbath are able to join the different local prayer services in addition study/lectures that are offered to the group. Participants who are less strict can choose to visit the local Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat servicies and/or the Shabbat morning prayers or participate in optional programs consisting of walking tours and visits to museums.

Pre-Trip Study Program

This tour includes an optional Pre-Trip Study Program. Relevant documentary movies, Jewish-Dutch liturgic music, maps, background articles and information as well as links to other reading material to introduce you to the tour themes are provided if there is interest,. Please indicate your interest on the registration form.

Educational Program

The specialty of Jewish Heritage Expeditions is learning in an entertaining way, what we call ‘edutainment’. During the expedition there are ample opportunities to learn in depth about the local Jewish heritage. Our Expedition Guides are all academic professionals. Not only are you guided through local history and culture during the tours, but we provide you with interesting background materials. During the bus trips we often play local traditional music or show short relevant documentaries. The expedition guide provides each participant with background articles, maps and other information. For those interested, we organize short learning sessions where classical texts of local historical figures are studied in an engaging way. If there are children or youngsters among the participants we offer special educational programs and activities for youth. On week days, for those who want there is always time in the program for Shaharit, Minha and Maariv prayer services. On most tours there is usually a sufficient number of people for a minyan. Most of the tours have a Sefer Torah for the morning services on Monday and Thursday. Our participants comprise the full spectrum of the Jewish community. We are dedicated to making it possible for all Jews, regardless of background, to be able to participate and enjoy our trips. Please contact us if you would like further information.