Jewish Heritage Expeditions


Study Program during the Tour

During the expedition emphasis is put on learning and understanding about the local Jewish heritage. Our Expedition guides are all academic professionals with specific knowledge of the place of destination. In addition to learning about the local history and culture during the guided tours, we provide you with interesting background materials. During the bus trips we occasionally play music that reflects the local tradition of the area, or show a short relevant documentary. The expedition guide also provides background articles, maps and other information. Since all of the tours are tailor made to meet the needs of each group, there are options, for those who want, to organize short learning sessions where classical texts of local historical figures are studied. If there are children or youngsters among the participants we offer special educational programs and activities that are designed especially for youth.

Preparatory Educational Program

Each of our tours includes a Preparatory Educational Program. We provide you with maps, a reading list and other materials. The option to organize additional sessions for tour participants and other community members who might be interested is also available. The cost of the Preparatory Educational Program is included in the individual cost of the tour.

It is also possible to visit your group or community and present workshops, lectures and documentaries to prepare you for your heritage tour.

The educational program of every group or family tour is tailored to the specific profile and interests of the specific group. We adjust our program with more or less learning and educational activities in accordance of your wishes.